Best high pressure washers of 2020

How to choose a pressure washer?

The first things you should know before choosing your pressure washer are, what kind of dirt do you want to remove, how often and how big the area, or the areas you want to wash.

These equipments serve to facilitate various daily tasks such as washing the car, sidewalks, walls, roofs, walls, among others.

They also make cleaning activities more economical by using up to 80% less water to clean more efficiently.

Some technical characteristics influence the practical use of the washer and you need to know them in order to choose your machine. Let's explain a little bit of each now.


Indicates how strongly the machine is capable of delivering water. If you want a washing machine that can clean even the most difficult to remove dirt, look for the ones with the highest pressure (measured in PSI).

Flow rate

Indicates the amount of water that leaves the machine per hour. Machines with higher flow have more dragging power, making it easier to clean larger areas but with lighter dirt.


It seems obvious, it is better to remember that weight implies product portability. If you intend to take the washing machine to several different places, pay close attention to this aspect.

Engine type

There are two types of high pressure washer motors, universal and induction.

The universals are more common in household machines, they are ideal for those looking for light washers that will not be used very


The induction ones are more durable, heavy and expensive, ideal for those who want to use the product very often.

Most of the washers that we evaluate have universal motors, because of the much more affordable price. But we also tested some equipment with induction motors that cost below R $ 1000.


In the case of high pressure washers, power does not mean greater strength, but only the electrical energy consumption of the equipment. Therefore, look for machines with less power in relation to pressure.

Cable length

The larger the electrical cable, the larger the area that can be cleaned without having to change the plug machine.

Hose length

The larger the hose, the larger the area that can be cleaned without having to move the equipment.


Remember that you will need to store the washer in a safe place. It is important to check the dimensions to see if you have the space needed to store it. For further details, go here: best pressure washer for cars


No machine of this type is bivolt, so before buying don't forget to check the correct voltage!


Check the accessories included in the product and make sure they are useful. Be careful not to pay more for accessories that will not fit you.

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